Q3 Premium Smartphone Earpiece

Cult of Mac

Erfon Elijah

A Firmware Update Makes The BlueAnt Q3 Bluetooth Headset A Real Contender.

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Ben Stubley

The BlueAnt Q3 is a superb high end Bluetooth headset. It offers excellent voice and sound quality to both the caller and receiver and works flawlessly with Apple's Siri.

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Rick Limpert

The Q3 is solid, it's comfortable to have in your ear, and it will make you wonder how such a high-end headset can retail for under $100.

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Infused Reviews

Heather J

BlueAnt products are very high quality.

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Fox News

John Quain

4 must-have gadgets for summer travelers.

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Indy Style TV

Hottest Tech Gifts for Grads under $100.

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The Miami Herald

Gregg Ellman

The stylish BlueAnt Q3 premium smartphone earpiece is HD voice compatible and does everything you would want from a Bluetooth device.

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Paul's iOS Device

BlueAnt Q3 unboxing and review

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The BlueAnt Q3 is excellent. I've been using it regularly for the past couple weeks and I really enjoy being able to continue doing what I'm doing and not have to stop to answer the phone. Call quality and sound production was superb.

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The Geek Church

One thing that I love about the Q3 is the shape. It has a very curvaceous nature to it that looks extremely futuristic and yet contemporary at the same time. Most Bluetooth headsets aren't really into the aesthetic quality of craft, but this one took me by surprise.

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Tech News World

Rob Enderle

The Q3 is one of the best headsets in this class that I've ever tested. It was arguably the easiest I've ever paired. Upon initial power on, it verbally walked me through what I needed to do; buttons were intuitive -- well it took a moment to find volume -- and easy to use

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Nick Guy

A followup to the company's Q2, the styling of the ear piece has been slightly updated, and new features have been added. The biggest addition is Siri integration, available by pressing the command button, which works alongside BlueAnt's own spoken menu system.

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Shane McGlaun

Using the Q3 and Siri, iPhone users will be able to compose text messages using their voice by double tapping the command button. The headset also supports Android users allowing access Google Voice Actions with a double tap of the command button.

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Sean Cooper

BlueAnt's Q3 Bluetooth headset hands-on.

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Kevin Purdy

Show Report: BlueAnt

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