Pairing Your BlueAnt

Step 2: Activate Pairing Mode on the V1

  1. Put the V1 in your ear.
  2. If the V1 is not switched on, turn it on by holding down the BlueAnt button until you hear the startup sound.
  3. Now press the BlueAnt button, wait for the V1 to ask you to "Say A Command", and then say "Pair Me".
  4. If you have a phone connected, the V1 will remind you that your phone is connected and ask you if you want to enter pairing mode. Say "Yes".
  5. The V1 will tell you that it is now in pairing mode, and start to talk you through the pairing process.

You now need to activate Bluetooth on your phone, and use your phone's Bluetooth menu to search for devices.

Step 3: Select Your Phone


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